Wing’n It Pairs the Humble Wing with Six Outstanding Sauces

Mar 21, 14 Wing’n It Pairs the Humble Wing with Six Outstanding Sauces

Midtown, NY — A food truck rainbow exists in New York that makes even our boy Roy G. Biv happy – from Pizza, Burgers, and Dumplings, to Crepes, Ox Tail Stews, and even Schnitzels.  But the guys at Wing’n It have something to say about that, and that something comes in a shade of gold(den fried) and a spectrum of flavors.

Chef owner Victor So is a 10-year veteran of the food business and wanted to start a wings truck 5 years ago.  “Wings just haven’t been done, and we make every kind of wing you can have,” he told us, pointing to his menu.  With sauces including Apricot Maple Whiskey, Miso Glaze, Papaya Orange Chili, Honey Chipotle, Jerk, Spicy Peanut, and the classic Buffalo, all made in a variety of ways (baked, fried, steamed, or grilled), they truly have something for everyone.

We sampled the Jerk, Buffalo, and Spicy Peanut, and one thing immediately became apparent, these bad boys were fresh.  Moist and succulent meat, paired with a crisp and not too wet exterior, the flavors and textures were on point.  The authentic Jerk was grilled before us and the heat provided a delicious kick without being overpowering.  For 2014, Victor has a new menu in store featuring “Boneless Bowls” and a new Pineapple Glaze.


Steve is a local New York blogger currently exploring the food truck scene.  He stars in his own web-series titled “Sidewalk Eats“, and is also featured on the Cooking Channel providing guest commentary to the show Eat St. 

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