The 5th Annual Saveur Summer BBQ

Jun 27, 14 The 5th Annual Saveur Summer BBQ

Upper West Side, NY – The Hudson River provided the perfect backdrop to a night of the most tantalizing BBQ-infused smoke to ever billow out of the West Side Highway.  An all-star roster of 17 chefs from around the country graced our palettes with a celebration of surf and turf from stars like Amanda Freitag, Dale Talde, Jonathan Benno, and Kerry Heffernan. 

Specialties like the mouthwatering Clam Bake from Joey Campanaro and Mike Price, to the perfectly al dente Paccheri Pasta with Grilled Pork Spareribs from Benno and Richard Capizzi paired so deliciously with our never ending glasses of vino from Channing Daughters Wine.

We especially loved Dale Talde’s Lemongrass Pork Slippery Noodles, with an abundance of fresh herbs, and the most sufficient amount of heat, and the Iraqi Yellow Spice-Rubbed Chicken, with its ensemble of rich herbs and onion pickles that, although flavorful and diverse individually, together created the most balanced and complete plate of the night.  Saveur Editor-in-Chief James Oseland was gracious and a true gentleman, taking a moment from the party to talk with us about the event.

The turnout was exceptional, the Le Creuset “Selfie Wall” was a fun space that brought chefs and attendees together, and the Verterra provided From Fallen Leaves dinnerware was both green and stylishly elegant.  Dana Cree‘s sinfully delicious Cinnamon Concha topped off the night, as we reveled sweetly in the fresh Roasted Strawberries and Whipped Goat Cheese, and wished out loud that the night would never end.

Steve is a local New York blogger currently exploring the food truck scene.  He stars in his own web-series titled “Sidewalk Eats“, and is also featured on the Cooking Channel providing guest commentary to the show Eat St. 

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  1. Jessica, you are so welcome! They’re super easy to make and come out so well. You could even dtaercoe with melted red or pink chocolate and then sprinkle with coordinating jimmies or little hearts, etc. Check a craft store like Michaels or AC Moore, or even Target or the supermarket and see what you can find. Wishing you and your husband a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! All the best, Christy

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