Prospect Park Food Truck Rally: 10/21/2012 – the Season Finale.

Nov 17, 12 Prospect Park Food Truck Rally: 10/21/2012 – the Season Finale.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn — The Prospect Park Food Truck Rally is New York City’s answer to the plethora of deliciously fun and exciting food truck gatherings like San Francisco’s Off the Grid and Portland’s street food Pods.  Happening in the six warmer months of the year, the New York City Food Truck Association sends a revolving list of trucks to Prospect Park’s Grand Army Plaza every third Sunday of the month.  A rainbow of flavors exist to satisfy even the most discerning of foodies – from lobster rolls and artisan empanadas to short rib tacos, decadent smoothies, ice cream sammies, and the famous “de throwdown wafel” that took down Bobby Flay in “Throwdown”.  Over 10,000 people show up to get their grub on, with anywhere from 8-15,000 delicious meals served per event.

For the Season Finale, 16 trucks participated – Bongo Brothers, Cupcake Crew, Gorilla Cheese, Eddie’s Pizza, Green Pirate, Kimchi Taco, Mexicue, Mexico Blvd, Milk Truck, Nuchas Empanadas, Phil’s Steaks, Red Hook Lobster, Rickshaw Dumpling, Taim Mobile, Toum, and Wafels and & Dinges.  Our good friends at OMGFoodie enticed foodies with their pick of perks from Big Red and Wafels and Dinges. Event-goers were also treated to free food on the hour all day.  Follow OMGFoodie for the latest on the greatest eats all around NYC.  Another good friend of ours Ariel, owner of Nuchas was excited about thier new lamb empanada, so I happily obliged and picked up an order, along with the short rib.

The short rib was juicy, featuring slow-braised meat from Creekstone Farm.  Soaked in a bath of red wine, onions, peppers, and fresh herbs, the filling was sweet and savory, with the flaky rosemary dough bringing an inherently fragrant yet mild mixture to the party.  The lamb was tender, without so much a hint of gaminess its usually known for.  Savory, with a whisper of spicy, the filling contained less broth than the short rib, but the meat was just as moist.  Now that I’ve tried all of their empanadas, my favorites are the Argentine & Portabello, with the short rib and lamb coming in closely behind.

On the way out, I spoke to Jordi of Mexico Blvd, and got a sample of their guacamole and chips.  The chips were properly crisped, and the guac was fresh- tangy, buttery smooth, with a welcome garlicky undertone that paired well with the crunchy chips.   The amazing success of the Rallies for 2012 ensured that foodies everywhere were treated to delicious gourmet offerings from NYC’s best food trucks.  NYCFTA tells us that they hope to continue the Rallies in 2013, but their popular Saturday food truck gatherings also at Prospect Park will continue until the end of November.  Be sure to consult their twitter-feed for more information.




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