Meet ‘n’ Eat @ Frites ‘n’ Meats.

Jul 26, 12 Meet ‘n’ Eat @ Frites ‘n’ Meats.

I finally got my StreetGrub on @ Frites ‘n’ Meats.  I spoke to owner Hiassam earlier at Photoville, and was super hungry when told about one of their Fan-Favorite Creations – the #7 – Wagyu burger with Gruyere Cheese & Applewood-smoked Bacon.  Met by Hiassam’s brother Moodie at the 7/15 Brooklyn Food Truck Rally, I received a bag full of delicious heft – a cone of Frites and their famous #7.  For Wagyu-newbies, it’s the American translation of Japanese Kobe beef, the ones where they wine and dine the cows to a happy marbled plump.  What does this mean for burger-lovers?  Think juicy beyond imagination – now multiply that by infinity on the flavor-scale.

Frites ‘n’ Meats gets their meat from famous NY butcher DeBragga & Spitler.  The Wagyu is judged against the same strict standards as Japanese Kobe, so the resulting patty is ensured to not only contain optimum marbling, but full beef flavor.  My first bite uncovered all the colors of classic burger eye-candy – warm toasted bun, fresh crisp greens, sharp onions, a blanket of milky-smooth cheese, and that all-important pink from none other than a medium-rare patty, charred to perfection.  The bacon was smoky and savory, leaving a lingering sweetness in my mouth that hinted at the Applewood.  The Gruyere melted from the heat of my tongue, and complimented well the soft Balthazar-baked Brioche bun.  I’m talking super rich here guys – Brioche is known for its high egg and butter content, so this was decadent stuff.

The frites were well-crisped, with the uniquely Belgian-style process of going through the fryer twice.  This produced an extra crunchy shell, with a contrasting velvety interior reminiscent of a creamy baked potato.  I’d managed to inhale half the bag before I noticed the little bucket of garlic aioli, and at first dunk, kicked myself for not having done so sooner.  The creamy texture told me all the ingredients spent a lot of time mingling in the blender – making for an ultra smooth finish that hit me with rich & robust garlic flavor.  As much as I wanted to save some for the road, I finished the entire bucket (and yes, finger-licking was most definitely involved).  If these guys stroll through your hood, be the first to know by following their tweets.  Thanks Frites ‘n’ Meats!

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    PS– “Meet N Eat” <– ;)

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    Oh man! The garlic aioli!!!


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