East meets West meets South at Asiadog.

Aug 30, 13 East meets West meets South at Asiadog.

South Street Seaport, NY — In a delicious spin-off of Smorgasburg, the guys at Brooklyn Flea brought together ten shipping containers, stuffed them to the brim with food (including a full bar), and shipped them off to Pier 17.  Running through October, Smorgasbar serves an assortment of sidewalk eats daily from 11am to 10pm (11pm on Fri & Sat).

My Colombian Hot Dog at Los Perros left me hankering for more, so I dropped by Asiadog for a taste of East meets West meets South in the most unpretentious (and ubiquitous) forms of all.  Tempted by the Mel & Steve, Diego at the counter suggested I sampled the Ginny as well, so I ordered both.

Mel and Steve are the owners, so naturally their namesake dish is also one of their top sellers.  Locally sourced and organic, each all-beef hot dog spends just enough time on the grill, creating a beautifully charred and crisp exterior.  The result is sweet and savory, with a whisper of smoke that tastes wonderful all on its own.

An Asian Sesame Slaw completes the dish, and the vibrant purple cabbage doubles as both eye and mouth candy.  Bite after bite, I found myself progressively (and strangely) addicted.  It’s a simple slaw of cabbage, sesame oil, and sesame seeds, with a generous sprinkling of fresh scallions atop.  The result?  A bright, nutty, and savory overall profile that’s more delicious than it ought to be.

The Ginny is topped with house-made Kimchee and nori flakes.  For Nori-newbies, it’s dried seaweed, just like you’d find on sushi.  Here, it’s crisp, contrasting nicely with the rich (and mildly spicy) Kimchee.  The sour from the pickling provides a balance of acidity that cuts through the smokiness of the meat.  The flavor and textural contrast plays well with my tastebuds, but I kept going back to the Mel & Steve, which hit all the right notes and made me an instant fan.

Asiadog calls Central Park Summerstage, as well as Smorgasburg and bar home, and their new brick & mortar in Nolita prove that they’re onto something great (66 Kenmare St.).  For a list of other vendors, including more information about Smorgasbar, follow this link.

Steve is a local New York blogger currently exploring the food truck scene.  He stars in his own web-series titled “Sidewalk Eats“, and is also featured on the Cooking Channel providing guest commentary to the show Eat St. 

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  1. Oh man. Asia Dog is THE best. I love their combo of bahn mi sandwich and classic hot dog.

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