Day 3: Dessert in the UWS with Itizy Ice Cream.

Jun 05, 12 Day 3: Dessert in the UWS with Itizy Ice Cream.

A lazy stroll over to the upper west side left me wandering down Broadway, catching glimpse after glimpse of the sun descending into the Hudson.  The excessive feasting earlier in the day left me comfortably satiated, but at well past 7, I knew I’d be hungry by the time I returned home.  I was on the StreetGrub prowl once again and happened upon a little mint green truck making their debut on West 92nd.

Owners Ken and Ann, of Itizy Ice Cream welcomed me with huge smiles and an even bigger bowl of Strawberry Balsamic sorbet and Double Dark Chocolate ice cream.  Watch this short clip to see Ann talk about the distinct characteristics that bring the two flavors together.

I’ve never been a fan of sorbet or balsamic; nor do I particularly like dark chocolate (I’m not kidding when I say that my palette’s vanilla), but when I took my first bite, I immediately recalled a taste long forgotten from childhood – a strawberry fruit rollup!  Except this was the adult version, where the tart of the balsamic played with my taste buds just enough to not intrude upon the fresh, sweet, strawberry flavor.  At times, the abundance of little seeds made me think I was actually biting into a frozen strawberry.

The ice cream was smooth, more bitter than sweet (in a good dark chocolatey kind of way) and the little pieces of real chocolate offered a nice contrast in textures.  When eaten together with the sorbet, it tasted like a sophisticated, frozen, chocolate-covered strawberry!  Ken and Ann source their ingredients locally, so the freshness of flavors was definitely pronounced.

I have to say that I’m sorry you all missed the clip of Ken’s story behind Itizy’s motto, “Ice Cream with a Passion”.  My audio had the terrible timing of malfunctioning, so I’ll leave you with a link to learn more about their wonderful social mission “Scoops for Meals”.  To Ken and Ann, thanks for sharing your passion (making awesome ice cream) with one of my passions (eating awesome ice cream).  I hope to see you guys again soon!

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