Day 28: Late Feeding of my Hole.

Jul 10, 12 Day 28: Late Feeding of my Hole.

I’d crammed three food truck lunches so far throughout the day, but when I found out Feed Your Hole was anchored near Grand Central, I decided to drop by for an early dinner.  So the name might not be the most elegant use of words, but they certainly were eloquent.  Expecting the nitty gritty, maybe even obscene, I was surprised to find the friendliest of smiles from the tiny truck.  Adrienne took my order of the usual (you decide!) and Sean cooked me up a Nut Burger.  For Nut Burger-newbies, it’s basically a burger topped with organic peanut butter and bacon.  Out of the box?  Yes, but I expected no less from these guys.

As an unfan of peanut butter (unless it’s smothered with grape jelly over white bread), I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’ll admit to giving more than a few thoughts of eating a few bites just to compose this post, and possibly chucking it, but when I opened the box, it smelled nothing like peanuts.  I caught a waft of butter, sweet smoky bacon, and that unmistakable perfume of freshly grilled beef.  When I removed the top, I’d immediately x’d out the thought of chucking this baby.  The patty on this thing was proper, well-browned edges forming that delicious and all important crust, hefty portion of meat, and soft, yeasty bun.  At first bite, I knew this would easily belong in my list of top 5 burgers ever, maybe even top 3.

The meat was cooked more perfectly than anything I’d ever eaten that I’d ever described with that word.  Crisp outside, moist, tender, and deliciously pink inside, I didn’t even care that I was blessing my hands and shirt with all the juices running from my sandwich.  Picture squeezing a soaked sponge and all the liquid rushes to gush out, but times infinity on the flavor scale.  The chopped bacon made for a more pleasant experience as I got to enjoy the little crunchy morsels in every single bite, unlike with strips of it in traditional bacon burgers.  And as much as I hate peanut butter (I really do, a lot), the fact that the meat here was just so expertly cooked dwarfed any of my ill feelings towards that stuff, and instead made me realize that for some astronomically strange reason, the sweet nuttiness paired with beef just plain works.  I know there are a plethora of burger joints in NYC, but to find one of the most delicious from a truck really just made this whole challenge worthwhile for me.  Until today, my top two burgers came from Hodad’s in San Diego, and Father’s Office in Santa Monica but there’s a good chance this ranks right up there with them.  There is ZERO doubt that I will be visiting Feed Your Hole again and again and again until I eat every single burger from their menu.  Thanks Adrienne and Sean!

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  2. I’ve only been to The Marc once since it opened and it was woufdrenl! Your post has reminded me that we must adventure back soon and take in the patio!

  3. April B. /

    I LOVE peanut butter! I have to try this! Also, I’m upset I didn’t get to check out that place in Santa Monica while I was there, but I’m hoping to go back soon and cross it off my list ;)

    • Hey April- sorry for the late reply! You HAVE to check these guys out! Father’s Office was pretty good, but this was a different kind of good.


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