Day 25: Asking Bob & Jo to Bob Jo.

Jun 28, 12 Day 25: Asking Bob & Jo to Bob Jo.

Having already had Korilla and Big D’s, I contemplated skipping these guys altogether as I felt two Korean fusion lunches definitely sufficed for the 30 day challenge.  However when I arrived to 46th and 6th, and laid eyes on the truck, I decided to give these guys a try.  The truck was just so darn fun to look at, with Chef Bob’s happy mug plastered on the passenger side and Jo on the left.  Jo was MIA, and so Chris took my order.  I asked for my usual and received a heavy box of bulgogi (ribeye) and spicy chicken atop seasoned rice with a side of salad and a little bucket of kimchi.  My first bite of the chicken immediately told me this was a high-ranker in the plethora of trucks and carts I’d sampled thus far.

Nevermind that the meat was juicy, tender, and every synonym under the moon for moist – it was LOADED with flavor.  Jo’s special sauce (he wouldn’t tell me!) was creamy, sweet, and savory with a slight kick.  Chris said this was spicy, but the fire here was on the mild side (for me), so I wouldn’t have minded more heat, but the flavor of the sauce and meat, with the perfectly al dente’d long grain rice sent my taste buds clapping feverishly.

The bulgogi was great as well- tender, with minimal pieces of fat, and although doused with less sauce than the chicken, was still flavorful on its own.  Garlicky and sweet, this was obviously lower on the pepper scale, but mixed with the chicken and rice, I found myself finishing the made for two order faster than I’d have hoped.  I was stuffed, but wanted another, but in the tradition of trying everything once on my challange, I’ll impatiently wait the three super long days for July so that I can visit these guys again.  This could very well be one of the top 3 things I’ve eaten so far.  Thanks Bob & Jo & Chris for gracing my palette with delicious Korean StreetGrub.  What did I mean when I said Bob Jo up above?  Check out this short clip to find out.

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