Day 22: Not so Fun-sized lunch at Fun Buns.

Jun 26, 12 Day 22: Not so Fun-sized lunch at Fun Buns.

The Fun Buns cart looks like a chalkboard on wheels, black on all 4 corners with their name, menu, and drawings and messages plastered about.  It’s an offshoot of Bian Dang Taiwanese Lunchbox, so you’ll likely see your favorite Bian Dang peeps working here too.  Their menu is simple: pork belly or spicy beef, both served with 5 spice, pickled mustard, crushed peanuts, and cilantro over a soft steamed bun.

As you may now know, I’m a die-hard, borderline masochistic fan of spicy food, so of course I went for their spicy beef first.  It was properly tender and would easily have fallen off the bone had it had any – super moist inside, boldly savory with notes of anise, garlic, soy sauce, and a faint citrusy sweetness.

The bed of pickled mustard below brought a mellow sour contrast to the mix and the crushed peanuts contributed a welcome textural crunch.  The chopped cilantro atop gave it a faint whisper of fresh and minty flavor that disturbed the savory profile of the meat  enough to brighten the entire sandwich.  The spicy kick came after, and had a lingering affect, but wasn’t overpowering.  I sampled their pork belly next; stuffed with tender, fatty pork belly, and accompanied with the same supporting cast as the spicy beef, but yet this was an entirely different experience.

The pork belly definitely stood out more, rich, luxurious pork flavor with moist fatty meat that melted with just the heat from my tongue.  It instantly transformed from sandwich to savory pork soup in my mouth and was just downright indulgent.  Although the beef was excellent, the pork belly was without a doubt my favorite.  I ordered a pair of each, but felt stuffed by my second, and at $3 a pop, they definitely weren’t as fun-sized as I’d expected.   Thanks John and the Fun Buns crew!

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  1. Male #1 I was with for several many years prior. He assumed I used to be shedding meitizang being controlling. Of course, he was an exceptionally harmful eater and didn’t support my more healthy way of living selections.

  2. I see one of my college buddies in your photos.


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