Day 2: Morocho Peruvian Fusion for some … wait what!?

Jun 03, 12 Day 2: Morocho Peruvian Fusion for some … wait what!?

New York, NY — My coffee-fix from the Mud Truck kept me afloat for a few more hours as I strolled through the farmer’s market snapping shots of brightly colored fruits & vegetables and artisan cheeses.  The day was winding down, and although I wasn’t yet hungry, I worried about a repeat of last night’s hunger pangs, so my search began for GrubSpot #4 for dinner, if even for a doggie bag.

I found a crowded cart, and recognized the name as reader-NOMinated Morocho Peruvian Fusion.  I spotted Rafael donning a bright red chef’s uniform, standing in front of the cart taking order after order in well-oiled fashion.  I introduced myself, explaining briefly about my challenge, and he replied with an enthusiastic smile, directing me to meet his brother Miguel laboring away in the tiny kitchen.

I explained that I’d never eaten Peruvian before, and asked for my usual (you decide!), and received the biggest shock yet!  I recalled glancing briefly at their menu online, and felt great about a Peruvian-style taco or quesadilla.  When I was told I’d be eating their famous Anticuchos, which were basically grilled meat skewers, I was delighted, since I’d missed out on some great BBQ grubbing the weekend before.

We chatted a bit more, and Rafael explained that their food derived from a mix of many different influences – Japanese, Chinese, Native Peruvian, Italian, and Spanish.  I couldn’t wait!  Curiosity got the best of me, so I grabbed their menu to see what my order of Anticuchos included.  I wish I hadn’t.  Check out this clip to see for yourself.

So I was surprised to say the least.  The Anticucho had a flavorful glaze with notes of citrus, parsley, and garlic, and a texture reminiscent of a tender cut of beef.  My first reaction on film shows exactly how I felt.  It was actually good.  The potato looked like an Eggs Benedict, but had a stronger, more intense profile, like a sharp cheddar mixed with feta.  The Peruvian corn was enormous and had the texture of undercooked beans with just a whisper of corn flavor.  The purple potatoes were sweet and well-cooked.

What the camera doesn’t show is my almost having left, but I’m glad I stuck with it.  If they had told me it was just grilled beef, I would have wholeheartedly believed them. You can find their cart in Union Square across from the farmer’s market.  Thanks again Miguel and Rafael for being part of my little adventure.  I’ll be sure to visit you guys again very soon!

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  1. hola!! me siento muy contento de lo que han logrado, hoy pasaron el reportaje acá en Perú y se que les ira muy bien.
    Felicito esta iniciativa y les doy las gracias por llevar nuestra comida a New york, y que personas que aun no vinieron a Perú ya están probando nuestra comida.

  2. Antonio Reyes /

    I am Peruvian and I have to say that the Morocho cart puts out some of the best Peruvian food. Their menu is limited due to the cart size according to Miguel, one of the owners. Their anticuchos are very tasty, you especially know this if you have been eating them all your life. I must say, you are pretty gutsy to have eaten such a big piece for your first time! I was laughing! Good to see folks promoting this gem of good food in NYC, street food.

    • Hi Antonio, thanks for the comment! I think that because I was expecting to go there for tacos, I didn’t have all day to obsess about it. I was completely surprised and since the camera was rolling, I was put on the spot and felt I just had to do it. I’m so glad I did, and now I feel a bit more brave to try other types of food I normally wouldn’t. Rafael and Miguel are both awesome, and I’m definitely going back to try something else.

  3. J Carpio /

    You are brave my man. I Nominated a falafel truck for you on your map.

  4. Linda Martinez /

    Steve that video really captured it well, although you do have a great way with words. I’m not sure about antichurro though, but I’m just so blown away that you actually ate it AND enjoyed it! Like Sherry said, the lamb may be on the easy side now. I really wonder what else you’ll find!

    • Linda Martinez /

      I meant anticucho! I must want a churro or something!

      • Linda, I appreciate the kind words! I hadn’t planned on shooting video, but had been asked by readers before, so I’ll try to get in a clip whenever I can. Now I want a churro too!

  5. SherrylbeMe /

    OMG!t!!!!! that from a cart r u serious? u know if u didnt post that vid, it be hard to believe but i totally saw it on ur face that u actually liked it. lamb is going to be too easy for u now!

    • I was shocked! I really thought I was going in for tacos when I saw their menu online- I completely missed the part about the veal heart! For some reason, I still think lamb will be tough for me- it has this really strong gamey taste I can’t stomach, but we’ll see.

  6. PsyKoh /

    That thing came out of a food truck? Holy smokes, I saw the image on the video and thought you had visited a high-end restaurant.

    • I agree! I was completely taken away by it (not only for how strange it was), but for how high quality the ingredients were, and how they actually came out of a tiny cart on the street. I can’t wait to see what else there is to grub on!


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