Bian Dang’s Panko Crusted Salt & Pepper Chicken Bring on the Heat.

Mar 18, 14 Bian Dang’s Panko Crusted Salt & Pepper Chicken Bring on the Heat.

Midtown, NY — A liberal dusting of salt and pepper join the Panko party for a shell of equal parts heat and crunch that kicked the smirk right out of that cold frigid air. While we wait for the icecaps to melt, the crew at Bian Dang brought a new kid to the block to kick it with their top-selling Fried Chicken Leg and Porkchop over rice.

Topping the familiar fatty pork sauce (a.k.a crack) with pickled veggies over rice, the S&P variety uses free range and hormone free chicken (white meat) marinated in a 5-spice blend with a secret seasoning that makes for a juicy and flavorful party in your mouth.  And as always, their pork dumplings are not only plump but delicious (especially with the Sweet Beijing Sauce).  They’re anchored in midtown east almost indefinitely (53rd and Park), so check in for a palette-warming lunch.  You can see the rest of their menu here, or follow their twitter below.

Steve is a local New York blogger currently exploring the food truck scene.  He stars in his own web-series titled “Sidewalk Eats“, and is also featured on the Cooking Channel providing guest commentary to the show Eat St. 

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