My 30 Day Street Food Challenge.

My 30 Day Street Food Challenge.

Click here to find a list of everything I ate from my 30-Day Challenge. 

Thanks for dropping by!  I’m StreetGrubSteve, your local Queens boy, born and raised, and I’m on a mission to kill some birds with the almighty stone (it’s okay- they’re always so angry anyway).  I’m a mix of Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese descent, so naturally, one would think that I’d be the de facto connoisseur of Asian cuisine.  In reality, the thought of putting raw fish or anything that rhymes with horpion in my mouth makes me cringe.  My idea of ethnically authentic Chinese is General Tso’s chicken and an eggroll, chased by wontons drowning in a bath of MSG.  And you bet I enjoy that fortune cookie afterwards, in or out of bed.

My palette is as vanilla as they come.

This needs to stop. While I can beer-crawl with the best of them, I’m tired of making excuses for skipping dinner with friends when something strange is suggested.  I’m tired of being that guy eating only Chicken Teriyaki for Japanese and I’m sick of squirming at people eating chicken feet at DimSum.  Until recently, the weirdest thing I ate came from a Halal cart, but only after my 12th IPA convinced me it was safe AND clean to eat (I’m also a devout germaphobe).  Drenched in white sauce, I chomped into a piece of spicy chicken that I later learned was lamb when I accidentally ordered the combo instead of just chicken.  Close call- and as drunk as I was, I was good enough to push aside all the mysterious pieces of brown, and finished only the chicken.  Yes, my palette is as vanilla as they come.

I need to introduce some color back into my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go all Andrew Zimmern up in here, but I’d like to reclaim all the years lost to such flavorless city-dwelling in arguably the world’s epicenter of fine dining.  I need to introduce some color back into my life, but this epicenter also has me devoting 99.9% of my income to feeding my hungry landlords every month!  But word on the street is that grub on the street can be as exotic (even delicious) as it is cheap.  Which prompted me to start this blog – to prove that in as little as a month, this Queens boy can overcome his fear of food both ethnic and of the street variety, all on a ramen budget (I’m talking college ramen- not those fancy $10+ bowls from Ippudo you silly readers!).

Nothing but streetgrub for an entire month.

So there you have it, I’m a germaphobe that hurls at the thought of something as weird as lamb or sushi, and I’m about to stuff my face with nothing but strange and hopefully clean streetgrub everyday for an entire month.  If you have good spots, let me know either by commenting here or in the Suggest a spot! tab above.  I’m always up for suggestions and am constantly hearing about new places to visit!  And one last thing, yours truly has never had a dirty water dog (flame away!).

So send me your NOMinations – then stay tuned.  Nomming commences June 1st!